Theodore ‘Ted’ Sablay is an American guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist. He has completed two world tours with The Killers as a contracted touring musician, playing rhythm guitar and keyboards and singing during the band’s live concerts and TV appearances. In addition to touring, Sablay works as a music teacher, offering private online guitar, piano and bass lessons via Skype.

Using the Time Stretch Function on Beatles' "Dear Prudence" in Logic

Another programming exercise with my version of the Beatles' "Dear Prudence". The Logic software I'm using has a function called "time stretch," which allows a user to increase or decrease the speed of the audio tracks. When I made the scratch recording, I kept the tempo fixed at 73 bpm, which sounded flat even though I followed the music notation closely. After listening to the Beatles' recording, it's clear that they start the song at 73bpm but end it at 80bpm, speeding up nearly 10bpm during the course of the song. Attached here is my version of the song that incorporates the tempo changes using the time stretch function. Although the time stretch tool noticeably degrades the sound quality, these programmed tempo changes at the start of the bridge, verse 3 and verse 4 help convey the right feel. Nothing beats hashing out a song with a real band, but for a songwriter making demos for potential collaborators, this time stretch function can inject life into a basic song sketch and help him/her better communicate his ideas. Really interesting