Ted Sablay Guitar Keyboard Songwriting

Guitarist/keyboardist Ted Sablay has played over 500 concerts with the Killers and teaches private online music lessons via Skype.

Theodore ‘Ted’ Sablay is an American guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist. He has completed three world tours with The Killers over the past 12 years as a contracted touring musician, playing guitar and keyboards and singing during the band’s live concerts and TV appearances. In addition to touring, Sablay works as a music teacher. Offering private guitar, piano and songwriting lessons online, he currently teaches students in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Description of My Music Lessons Offered via UNLV and Skype

Professional Touring Guitarist

Ted Sablay

Private Guitar Lessons

at UNLV in Fall 2014


UNLV graduate Ted Sablay is the touring guitarist for the Killers, the Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling recording artists from Las Vegas, Nevada. After completing his second world tour with the band, Sablay is returning to UNLV this fall to offer private guitar lessons at the School of Music. All UNLV students regardless of skill level are welcome to enroll. This weekly Guitar for Non-majors class – offered both a one-credit, half-hour lesson (MUSA 158-1003 or as a two-credit, full-hour lesson (MUSA 158-1004) – focuses on helping students acquire the skill set they need to play the music that interests them. Emphasis is usually placed on sight-reading, melody, chords, flat-picking, finger-picking and song forms. Depending on the student, lessons can be expanded to cover creative strategies for songwriting and instruction on Mac-based recording software such as Logic and GarageBand. For more information on lessons, you can contact Mr. Sablay via email theodoresablay@yahoo.com. For general information on Ted Sablay, please visit his website at www.tedsablay.com