Theodore ‘Ted’ Sablay is an American guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist. He has completed two world tours with The Killers as a contracted touring musician, playing rhythm guitar and keyboards and singing during the band’s live concerts and TV appearances. In addition to touring, Sablay works as a music teacher, offering private online guitar, piano and bass lessons via Skype.

Music Concept Video #2: Playing the Natural Minor Scales in All 12 Keys on Bass Guitar

Music Concept Video #2 demonstrates how to play the natural scale in all 12 keys on bass. The natural minor scale -- known in ancient Greece as the Aeolian mode -- is a fundamental scale in music that is the source for countless songs, melodies and bass lines. In this video I demonstrate how to play the natural minor on bass in all 12 keys. To get the most out of watching this video, I recommend reading along with the accompanying PDF, available here. (This PDF lays out in the order I cover them all 12 natural minor keys in both tablature and standard music notation formats.)