Theodore ‘Ted’ Sablay is an American guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist. He has completed two world tours with The Killers as a contracted touring musician, playing rhythm guitar and keyboards and singing during the band’s live concerts and TV appearances. In addition to touring, Sablay works as a music teacher, offering private online guitar, piano and bass lessons via Skype.

Improvements to my online music lessons using FinalCutPro

Thanks to FinalCutPro, my online music lessons have improved. I can now incorporate videos of students playing their assignments into split-screen videos where I add footage of me playing exactly what they play. These videos can be slowed down to 50% original speed, allowing the students to see the congruence and divergence in our playing techniques. Instead of just telling students to "practice harder", they can now see what the problems are, how to fix them, and review the videos until they get it right. This video approach is a simple idea with precedent (see Salman Khan's talk on using video to reinvent eduction), but I am really excited to see my students getting better at a quicker rate.