Ted Sablay Guitar Keyboard Songwriting

Guitarist/keyboardist Ted Sablay has played over 500 concerts with the Killers and teaches private online music lessons via Skype.

Theodore ‘Ted’ Sablay is an American guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist. He has completed three world tours with The Killers over the past 12 years as a contracted touring musician, playing guitar and keyboards and singing during the band’s live concerts and TV appearances. In addition to touring, Sablay works as a music teacher. Offering private guitar, piano and songwriting lessons online, he currently teaches students in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Nonito Sablay Remembers Maureen Sablay

This past week I interviewed my father Nonito Sablay for a short video that documents his memories of first meeting my late mother, Maureen Sablay, who passed away ten years ago this year. Though he is 84 years old, my dad is sharp and remembers everything. He is a remarkable man and I understand why my mom wanted to marry him. Here is an ten-minute video my dad and I made about my mother Maureen: